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Published Oct 06, 21
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HORAN. GSA Search Engine Ranker. Well, the method I would like then to figure it out is if it actually produces a much better worth, best value to the federal government, considering the cost to the specialists. I do not believe they can do that based upon the way in which the proposed guideline is implemented here.

Small companies are understood for the added worth they can supply companies with advantages such as customer service. Big corporations or big business can refrain from doing that. Mr. Horan, you mentioned in your statement that the new guideline does not account for such included value. GSA Search Engine Ranker Software. What could this omission indicate not only to little suppliers but likewise to the firms that buy their goods and services? Mr.

I think those other terms that cause best value might be lost. Again, that it could be-- the procurement might be driven to low cost only, and as a result of that, the specialists who provide some of these other terms and services that offer best value will lose sales at a minimum, perhaps be eliminated of the market.

Due to the fact that they are out of the organization or they are simply not bidding any longer? Due to the fact that they are out of the organization. Since there is such pressure on contracting officers to look at just low price that often they will leave out consideration of finest value but eventually, I believe they could be out of the organization.

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TAKAI. Okay, thank you (GSA SER Software). The quotient for federal government procurement survey in its study, small companies indicate that it would take on average 232 hours to comply with the GSA's proposed guideline. Mr. Stanford, has your service done its own quote on the hours it will require to adhere to the new requirement, and do you find the outcomes of the survey to be more accurate than GSA's own analysis? Mr.

We have not. And while we have actually looked at their study and the ABA work, we are likewise motivated in accepting their conclusion because also SBA Workplace of Advocacy and GSA's own inspector basic figured out that those expenses appear understated. Mr. TAKAI. Their, meaning the union, not GSA's? Mr. STANFORD.

Mr. TAKAI. Okay. Aside from our spin on compliance, can you talk about some other costs that business like yours will need to face because of this rule? Mr. STANFORD. I will not speak with our business separately, but talking to the companies we work with as they go into the federal market, the costs beyond compliance are-- for small services are initial expenses in advance.

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Mentioning the cost of updating its data systems, GSA is proposing to ask suppliers to report to GSA the information of what was acquired through GSA. This resembles asking retailers selling through Amazon to report to Amazon what it offered, through Amazon. To take this example one step even more, Amazon would then utilize that details to promote pricing to other consumers, on Amazon.

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While not an ideal comparison, GSA in numerous ways operates as an Amazon-like part of the acquisition procedure. The intent behind this rule is seeking to make a best-in-class contracting marketplace. GSA has actually chosen to pass on investing in an information collection system that could collect this information instantly.

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II. The Guideline Imposes a Substantial, Underestimated, and Unnecessary Problem GSA estimates that it will take 6 hours for a professional to accomplish all tasks needed to understand the reporting requirements, prepare its systems and personnel, and establish the procedures essential for developing the required reports, and a typical 31 minutes each month for ongoing reporting. 2 GSA does not supply sufficient information to analyze how these price quotes are flawed, but virtually every informed celebration who has actually weighed in on these estimates thinks they are unreliable.

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Reg. 11625.

Otherwise, the professional will run the risk of a claims of fraud under the False Claims Act, as has been the case with basically every other form of cost or expense reports submitted by a specialist to the federal government. Notably for this hearing, small companies will bear the biggest part of this burden-- GSA estimated that out of 15,738 vendors holding agreements that would go through this Guideline, 12,590 are small organizations (GSA Search Engine Ranker Software).

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Reg. 11625. III. The Anticipated Advantage is Improperly Specified, and Not --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Likely to be Recognized GSA anticipates that the transactional information will "enhance GSA's ability to carry out significant price analysis and more efficiently and successfully validate reasonable and affordable pricing"on its agreements and will permit federal government purchasers "to compare prices prior to positioning orders." 8 GSA likewise recognizes a point very essential to market-- that cost paid is just of many "info points"in figuring out the finest value to the federal government. 9 Equally essential are other considerations, "such as total expense, desired performance levels, delivery schedule, distinct terms, time considerations, and consumer complete satisfaction." 10 We can also add customer support, item assistance services, guarantee, and other terms to this list (GSA SER Software).

So, according to GSA's own analysis, this burden enforced on professionals will offer the government with just one of the essential details points-- transactional price-- without any ways to acquire the other information points required to assess price. Without access to, and consideration of, this other essential info, the price details is of little worth at finest and can be very misleading at worst.

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In my view, the inability of the Rule to catch these other non-price aspects might be especially hazardous to small companies. Small businesses typically operate as value-added resellers or otherwise identify themselves in the competitive market based on the worth they include to a transaction, such as client and item service capability, that is not captured by deal price.

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